Come to NSPECon 2022!

To whet your appetite for Philadelphia at NSPECon 2022, register for the FREE Webinar by engineer and surveyor, David S Thaler. David tells the saga of the Mason Dixon survey, the most outstanding engineering and scientific achievement of the 18th century which resolved the bitter 80 year feud between the Penns of Pennsylvania and the Calverts of Maryland and was the longest running case in British judicial history. He also tells the story of the remarkable discovery of Mason and Dixon’s actual Transit, perhaps Americas most historic scientific instrument and its donation as a Gift to the Nation from the Engineers and Surveyors of America. The instrument, now fully restored, resides at Independence Hall but a short walk from the convention venue. You don’t want to miss this thrilling adventure, a tale right out of a National Treasure movie. This on-demand webinar is FREE to both NSPE members and non-members.

To register for the free webinar and find more information about registering for the convention, click here!

NSPECon 2022